Ed Sussman - About

Hi. I'm Ed Sussman, an entrepreneur based in New York. My current company is Buzzr and I'm on the Board of GoJotter. I advised Civic Dynamics. My background is the media -- I ran the websites for Fast Company and Inc. I was a senior executive at the company for both brands. Before that I was executive editor of Inc. magazine and a long time journalist.

Starting and growing companies is great fun for me, although a lot of work. You can reach me at ed@buzzr.com

Here are a few links to more of my profiles, social media channels, etc.

Crunchbase: http://www.crunchbase.com/person/ed-sussman
Buzzr bio: http://www.buzzr.com/ed-sussman
Drupal.org: https://drupal.org/user/1171194
Ed Sussman on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdSussman

And some other websites:

http://edsussman.com - Main blog of Ed Sussman, Publish or Perish
http://edsussman.net - Ed Sussman Social Profile
http://edsussman.org  - Ed Sussman Photo Blog
http://ed-sussman.com - Ed Sussman Quicklinks